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SimpleSportsCaster Pricing Update

August 17, 2021

SimpleSportsCaster is phasing out subscriptions in favor of one-time purchases.

To our loyal subscribers: Thank you! Your Basic or Deluxe subscriptions will automatically convert to a perpetual Basic or Deluxe license that never expires. You can keep using the same great features of SimpleSportsCaster unlocked by your subscription but without paying any more subscription fees.

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SimpleSportsCaster Subscription Plans

January 17, 2021

[Note: SimpleSportsCaster has phased out subscriptions in favor of one-time purchases. Please refer to the new pricing page.]

Starting in February 2021, we introduced a number of subscription options for SimpleSportsCaster. There are two subscription levels, Basic and Deluxe, available for purchase.

The Basic subscription unlocks live streaming and recording without any time limits. The Deluxe subscription unlocks all of the advanced features of SimpleSportsCaster. Each subscription level has a free trial so you can try things out before you buy.

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Equipment Options for SimpleSportsCaster

December 1, 2020

One of the great things about SimpleSportsCaster is that it doesn’t take too much investment in equipment to get started. In fact, you might already own some of what you need. For example, if you have a Windows 10 laptop or tablet that can play video games then it’s probably got more than enough power to run SimpleSportsCaster too. You can use the camera built right into your laptop or tablet to film your games. With your phone as a wi-fi hotspot you can live stream your games to your audience. No other equipment required!

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Heat Part 2

August 23, 2019

This is a followup to my post earlier this summer about filming in the heat. Since then I’ve found a few ways to help keep my tablet happier when filming on hot days.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

July 18, 2019

As of version, SimpleSportsCaster supports customizable keyboard shortcuts on the game screen. For details, look here.

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June 13, 2019

I’m in Dallas to see some of the games at Supercopa 2019. The quality of play here is amazing. And so is the HEAT! (At least for someone accustomed to the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest.)

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