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June 13, 2019

I’m in Dallas to see some of the games at Supercopa 2019. The quality of play here is amazing. And so is the HEAT! (At least for someone accustomed to the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest.)

Today I realized that the heat can make a Surface tablet pretty unhappy. Before recording a game today, my Surface was exposed to the sun for perhaps a half hour and as soon as I tried to start recording and streaming it shut itself down. After recruiting a helper to hold an umbrella over my video gear, the tablet started back up and stayed running but it was pretty clear it wasn’t in a good mood because it seemed to stay in a throttled state for the rest of the game.

The lesson: Don’t leave your Surface out in the sun for 30 minutes if you want it to maintain peak performance. Find something or someone to help keep it in the shade and you’ll get much better results. I’ll take this lesson to heart for day 2 in Dallas tomorrow.

Happy filming!