Stream and record your games with a live scoreboard

Version 2.309.0.0

February 3, 2021

Version 2.309.0.0 (February 3, 2021)

This release introduces a number of subscription options for SimpleSportsCaster. There are two subscription levels available for purchase in the app: Basic and Deluxe.

The Basic subscription unlocks live streaming and recording without any time limits. The Deluxe subscription unlocks all of the advanced features of SimpleSportsCaster. Each subscription level also has a free trial so you can try things out before you buy.

This also brings the free beta test period to a close. Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback during the beta!

Your beta license will continue to work for 30 days from the last time you unlocked it. After that you’ll need to transition to one of the subscription options.

Click here for more information about pricing.

Other Changes

  • Add a 5 minute time limit for recording and streaming in the free version.
  • Add an audio monitor with mute and volume controls. Enable it via the headphone icon next to the About button on the bottom bar of the app.
  • Add a 00:00:00 timestamp to the video timeline in generated YouTube video descriptions so that YouTube adds chapters to your videos.
  • Set the default for transcoding pre-recorded video to standard MPEG-4. Live recordings still default to fragmented MPEG-4.

Known Issues

  • On Windows versions prior to May 2020 (build 19041 aka 2004), pure black pixels in logo images may become transparent. To avoid this, either upgrade to the latest version of Windows or avoid using pure black in your team logos. For example, use #010101 instead.
  • The SVG support in Windows isn’t always perfect. If your SVG file doesn’t show up after you import it, then you might be able to get it to work by making a few simple edits to the SVG file in Notepad or another text editor. For example, look near the top of the file to see if the svg tag uses the width and height properties. If it does, then try removing them and see if the file imports successfully.
  • The scoreboard and game clock don’t redraw while SimpleSportsCaster is minimized. Game time still advances normally but it just doesn’t show on the screen until SimpleSportsCaster is restored from the minimized state.

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