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Version 2.386.0.0

July 21, 2021

Version 2.386.0.0 (July 21, 2021)

New features

  • Add stats for hockey and ringette (same as lacrosse for now). Select hockey or ringette in the league settings to set the stats mode. Add blocks to hockey, lacrosse, and ringette stats.
  • Add a shot clock which can be enabled in the league settings.
    • Shot clock will count down whenever the game clock is running.
    • Shot clock will reset when possession changes, there is a shot on goal, goal, own goal, or when the period changes.
    • Shot clock stops when possession is set to None.
    • Color of the shot clock text can be changed in the style settings.
    • Add a league setting to synchronize the shot and game clocks so they update at the same time.
  • Add a substitution button and shortcut to record substitution in/out events to the timeline. Show a corresponding drop-down message below the small scoreboard when a substitution occurs.
  • Show yellow and red card drop-down messages on the small scoreboard.


  • Improve logo scaling and caching.
  • Keep event buttons enabled once the clock has run for the first time in any period.
  • Preserve the title of previously scheduled broadcasts.
  • Don’t wait to query for app updates at launch. Let it complete asynchronously.
  • Update possession button state when replaying a previously recorded video.
  • Remove the KeepScore flag from the league settings.
  • Relabel the clock +/- buttons
  • Add expanders to show/hide the period, clock, score, possession, statistics, and graphics items on the Game page.
  • Add YouTube API retry logic. Remove the query for the default broadcast because YouTube no longer supports it.
  • Use the latest Windows styling from WinUI 2.6.
  • Upgrade to Windows Community Toolkit 7.0.2
  • Change stats names to distinguish between shoot-out penalties and regular penalties. Add hyphen to “shoot-out”.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the refresh broadcasts button because it wasn’t working properly.
  • Prevent the game clock switch from wiggling when possession changes during playback of a previously recorded video.
  • Prevent the clock and scoreboard from being left in an undetermined state when opening a new game.
  • Prevent occasional null reference exception when quitting the app.
  • Fix stats not displaying after changing game properties.
  • Fix a bug preventing new database table rows from showing up.
  • Fix a bug causing home team shootout PKs to always show zero.
  • For lacrosse, rename ShotTaken to ShotOffTarget (aka “Wide”).

Known Issues

  • Certain apps like Zoom and OBS can “steal” the camera from SimpleSportsCaster so be careful that you don’t launch other apps that might use your camera while you’re in the middle of a live stream or a recording. If this happens, your live stream will go black and your recording will stop.
  • On Windows versions prior to May 2020 (build 19041 aka 2004), pure black pixels in logo images may become transparent. To avoid this, either upgrade to the latest version of Windows or avoid using pure black in your team logos. For example, use #010101 instead.
  • The SVG support in Windows isn’t always perfect. If your SVG file doesn’t show up after you import it, then you might be able to get it to work by making a few simple edits to the SVG file in Notepad or another text editor. For example, look near the top of the file to see if the svg tag uses the width and height properties. If it does, then try removing them and see if the file imports successfully.
  • The scoreboard and game clock don’t redraw while SimpleSportsCaster is minimized. Game time still advances normally but it just doesn’t show on the screen until SimpleSportsCaster is restored from the minimized state.

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