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January 6, 2020

Version (January 6, 2020)

This release of SimpleSportsCaster improves keyboard shortcuts, adds a new overlaid video preview mode, supports NCAA college games with a new countdown mode for the game clock, and includes a host of other new features. Read on for more details.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Support for keyboard shortcuts has been greatly improved. Now there is a Shortcuts page on the in-game screen where you can see all the commands that can have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them. You can assign shortcuts on the Shortcuts page or you can do it on the Game page by right-clicking or long pressing on any of the buttons and switches there.

One improvement in the new shortcut system is that a shortcut can now trigger a command even if the button for the command is not visible. The old shortcut implementation wasn’t reliable because it required the associated button to be visible and enabled, which wasn’t always guaranteed.

The new shortcut system will not allow more than one command to share the same keyboard shortcut. If you assign an existing shortcut to a new command, the assignment to the previous command is removed.

Shortcut assignments are saved per-user and will roam to any other machine where the same user logs in. Note: Shortcuts that you assigned in previous versions of SimpleSportsCaster are not preserved so you’ll need to reassign your shortcuts after upgrading.

Shortcuts page
The new Shortcuts page on the in-game screen.
Shortcut assignment
Assigning a keyboard shortcut to the Toggle Clock command.
Shortcut assignment to button
Assigning a keyboard shortcut to the Toggle Clock command by via the switch on the Game page.

Overlaid Preview

When running in portrait mode, the screen can sometimes get a little cramped and it’s difficult to combine a large video preview with large buttons. If this describes your situation, try the new Overlaid preview which combines a full size video preview with semi-transparent buttons overlaid on top.

Because the buttons float on top of the video you can use the Button Size slider to make them much larger than you can using the Split Screen preview.

You can completely hide the buttons by tapping anywhere on the screen that doesn’t have a button covering it. To bring the buttons back again, just tap anywhere on the video preview.

Selecting overlaid preview
Selecting Overlaid preview from the Video settings page.
Overlaid preview
Video preview with transparent buttons overlaid on top.
Overlaid preview with hidden buttons
Video preview with overlaid buttons hidden.
Overlaid preview button size slider
Overlaid preview with button size slider being used.
Overlaid preview opacity slider
Overlaid preview with opacity slider being used.

Game Clock

This release contains a few changes to the game clock. In the League settings, there is now an option to use a countdown clock for any league that needs it such as NCAA college games. During pregame, the large scoreboard shows the time remaining until kickoff.

Countdown clock settings
Setting up a league with the countdown clock option.
Countdown clock preview
Countdown clock in action during the first half of a game.
Pregame countdown
Pregame showing countdown until kickoff.

Game Page Improvements

There are numerous minor improvements to the Game page on the in-game screen.

  • Add recording and streaming toggle switches so you no longer have to switch to the Video page to start and stop recording or streaming.
  • Show the most recent event next to the Undo button so you know what will be undone when you tap the button.
  • Add a Save button for tracking saves by the keeper.
  • Add a Handball button to the Infractions section.
  • Rename penalty shootout “goal” to “score” to recognize the fact that successful penalties during a shootout are not counted as goals.
  • Only show the shootout buttons during a shootout. Also hide the other buttons during a shootout.
  • Move red and yellow card buttons into a new Cards section.
  • Add up and down buttons to the Button Size and Opacity sliders.
  • Add a checkbox to toggle the SimpleSportsCaster video watermark. In the free version, the watermark is always shown and the checkbox is disabled.


  • Show the license type and expiration date on the About dialog.
  • Add a Buy Now button to bottom app bar.
  • In the free version, automatically display a friendly reminder to purchase the full version of the app.


  • Fix for live stream health updates stopping after 30-45 minutes. This was due to the session token expiring.
  • Allow picking the pixel format for the video capture mode.
  • Add a help link to the About dialog.
  • Remove leading zeros from some game times.
  • Add milliseconds to event time formatting.
  • Set default privacy for auto broadcasts to public (was private).
  • Add private networks capability so hyperlinks work over VPNs.
  • Update YouTube live stream metadata after every new event (auto broadcasts only).
  • Package updates: AppCenter 2.6.4, CppWinRT 2.0.191217.1, morelinq 3.3.2, SourceLink 1.0.0, Xaml 2.3.191211002

Known Issues

  • The scoreboard and game clock don’t update while the app is minimized.

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