Stream and record your games with a live scoreboard


November 28, 2019

Version (November 28, 2019)

  • Improved live stream bitrate throttling that now works on Intel Quick Sync hardware. This lowers the stream encoding quality as necessary to match network bandwidth when your network connection is slower than you expected. Also add a “lag” metric on the status line that shows how many seconds of video are in the queue waiting to be streamed. The lag will be zero if your network is fast enough but could increase to 10 or more seconds if the network is slow.
  • Fix a bug where the clock set button sometimes wouldn’t work.
  • Fix a crash in logging for handled exceptions.
  • Known issue: The scoreboard and game clock don’t redraw while the app is minimized.
  • Package updates: AppCenter 2.6.1, Windows Community Toolkit 6.0.0

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