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Supported Tablets and Computers

SimpleSportsCaster supports tablets and computers running Windows 10 that have hardware video encoders. Some tablets and computers will seem to run SimpleSportsCaster fine for a few minutes but if they don’t have adequate cooling then they get too hot and performance suffers.

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you know of other tablets and computers that work (or don’t work) with SimpleSportsCaster and we will update the table. Thank you!

Device Supported? Notes

Dell Latitude 5424 Rugged Laptop
yes Intel Core i7-8650U model tested. Extremely reliable in all kinds of weather.

Dell Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme Tablet
yes Older 7212 models with Intel Core i7-8650U and i5-7300 tested. The i7 model performs better when recording and live streaming simultaneously.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7
yes Intel Core i7 model performs well.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE (5th Gen)
yes Mostly good but can overheat on a hot day. See additional notes.

Microsoft Surface Go
NO Seems fine at first but overheats after just a few minutes

Additional Notes

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

In moderate temperatures (below 85° F) this tablet is a champ for simultaneous recording and streaming at 1080p60. However, on warmer days it can overheat, especially if exposed to the sun. To prevent overheating, keep it in the shade and use a USB fan. For some ideas, see Heat Part 2.