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Supported Video Capture Devices

SimpleSportsCaster supports USB Video Class (UVC) web cams and capture devices. DirectShow capture devices are not supported.

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you know of other devices that work (or don’t work) with SimpleSportsCaster and we will update the table. Thank you!

Device Supported? Notes

yes Up to 1080p60. Great device! See additional notes.

Elgato Cam Link 4k
yes with latest firmware Up to 2160p30 or 1080p60. See additional notes.

Elgato HD60 S
no Not a UVC device

Elgato HD60 S+
yes Up to 2160p30 or 1080p60 with HDMI passthrough. See additional notes.

MiraBox HSV321
yes Up to 1080p60.

MiraBox HSV323
yes Up to 2160p30 or 1080p60. Also rebranded by ShuOne.

RYNX HDMI Video Capture
yes Limited to 1080p30. (30 frames per second max.) USB 2. Only $20! Review

Additional Notes


  • This device supports a huge number of resolutions and frame rates up to 1080p60.
  • It can scale video from your camera to a different resolution before sending it to your computer.
  • Very reliable. Shows color bars if the video signal is lost.

If you use an Elgato capture device with with a Sony Handycam such as the HDR-CX440, you should change the Handycam’s HDMI Resolution setting to either 1080p or 720p. The Auto setting seems to confuse the CamLink by making the camera output 60 frames per second when the CamLink is expecting 30. Find this setting in the Handycam menu under Setup -> Connection (double arrows) -> HDMI Resolution.

The CamLink needs the latest firmware to work reliably. Otherwise it is very sensitive to loose HDMI cables and can freeze up if the connection is poor. BE VERY CAREFUL. Make sure your HDMI cable is good quality and is adequately secured at both ends with good strain relief to keep it from wiggling. Better yet, update your firmware.